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ARMEDANGELS: A Sustainable Fashion Label In Cologne, Germany

With so many people striving for sustainability these days, it’s no surprise to see fashion labels start to take note. ARMEDANGELS is a German fashion label that sells sustainable clothing and accessories, mainly catering to a LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) demographic. What’s particularly interesting about this brand is their approach to sustainability – they don’t just try to do things “the green way”, but rather aim to change the public’s perception of sustainable fashion as a whole. If you’re looking for a stylish and sustainable option when it comes to your next purchase, give ARMEDANGELS a try!


ARMEDANGELS is a sustainable fashion label that was started in Cologne, Germany in 2013 by designer Anja Wessels. The goal of the label is to create clothing that is both ethically and environmentally friendly. All of the materials used in the garments are certified organic or recycled, and all of the clothing is made in small batches to ensure quality control.

One of the features that sets ARMEDANGELS apart from other sustainable fashion brands is their focus on empowering women. All of the garments are designed with a feminine silhouette in mind, and many of them are also available in plus sizes. In addition to designing clothing, armedangels also produces accessories such as wallets, phone cases, and eyewear.

The ARMEDANGELS brand has been growing steadily since its inception, and they are now available in more than 30 countries around the world. They have also won several awards including two prestigious Red Dot Awards in 2018 and 2019.



ARMEDANGELS was founded in Cologne, Germany in 2009 by fashion designer and artist Tina Kühn. The label is known for its sustainable and ethically made garments. The company has a strict policy of using organic cotton, recycled materials, and innovative construction techniques.

ARMEDANGELS beginnings can be traced back to Tina’s undergraduate studies at the University of Arts in Berlin. There she developed an interest in fashion design and began experimenting with different fabrication techniques. Armedangels was born out of this experimentation, as Tina wanted to create a fashion line that was environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

The company’s first collection was inspired by the traditional clothing of Kurdish women from northern Iraq. Tina wanted to create pieces that were both stylish and comfortable, while also conveying the unique culture of these women. ARMEDANGELS has since expanded its range to include items inspired by other cultures across the world, including India, Morocco, China, and Peru.

ARMEDANGELS strives to make conscious decisions when designing its collections. For example, all materials used in the manufacturing process are chosen based on their environmental impact – from the fabrics used to the dyeing processes used on clothing items. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Tina believes that ethically made garments are also more comfortable than those made with less ethical practices. In addition to its clothing line, Armedangels offers a variety of services such as patternmaking and sewing tutorials online. The company also operates a flagship

Products Sold by ARMEDANGELS

ARMEDANGELS is a sustainable fashion label based in Cologne, Germany. The brand creates ethically made and responsibly sourced clothing that is inspired by traditional African styles. Armedangels strives to create an environmentally friendly product line that uses less water, fabric, and energy in its production process.


Marketing Strategy of ARMEDANGELS

ARMEDANGELS is a sustainable fashion label located in Cologne, Germany. They design and produce high-quality, ethically made clothing using organic cotton and sustainable materials.

The company was founded in 2006 by two friends who were passionate about creating sustainable fashion. After years of research and development, they created a line of clothing that is both stylish and environmentally friendly.

ARMEDANGELS has a unique marketing strategy that combines traditional marketing methods with social media platforms. They use traditional marketing methods to reach a wider audience through print magazines, television commercials, and online advertising. They also use social media platforms to connect with their target market directly.

They use social media platforms to build relationships with their customers and to create trust between them and the brand. Armed Angels uses social media platforms to share information about their products, promote events, and provide customer support. Their Facebook page has over 10,000 followers and their YouTube channel has over 2 million views.

ARMEDANGELS is a leading provider of sustainable fashion products in Germany and they are quickly becoming a global brand. Their innovative marketing strategy combined with their high-quality products make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for eco-friendly clothes that look great!


ARMEDANGELS is a sustainable fashion label that focuses on creating clothing made from natural and recycled materials. Their goal is to create stylish, environmentally-friendly clothing that feels great and can be worn for years. They believe in the power of fashion to change the world, and are proud to have helped support many causes over the past few years. If you're looking for stylish, high-quality clothes that make a positive impact, ARMEDANGELS should be at the top of your list.