See’s Candies | A Proud American Brand that Delivers Joy, One Piece at a Time

Are you looking for a sweet treat that not only satisfies your taste buds but also brings joy to your heart? Look no further than See’s Candies, the iconic American brand that has been delivering happiness one piece at a time since 1921. With its delicious chocolates and candies made with only the finest ingredients, See’s Candies continues to be a beloved tradition for generations of families across the country. Join us as we explore what makes this proud American brand so special and discover why it truly is “more than just candy.”

History of See's Candies

See's Candies was founded in 1892 by Charles See, a Swiss immigrant who opened his first store in downtown Los Angeles. At the time, candies were largely imported from Europe and were expensive. See's Candies offered affordable candy that appealed to Angelenos, and it quickly became a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

In 1924, See's moved its operations to San Francisco and rapidly expanded its business. In 1935, the company merged with the Wrigley Company, creating one of the largest candy companies in the world. In 1950, See's Candies moved its corporate headquarters back to Los Angeles.

Today, See’s Candies continues to be a leading provider of affordable candies throughout the United States. The company also manufactures specialty items such as chocolates and lollipops for various events and holidays.

What Types of Candy Does See's Sell?

At See's Candies, we believe that happiness is our ultimate goal. We hope that every piece of candy we make brings a little joy to someone's life – and that's why we sell a variety of sweet treats, from classic chocolates and caramels to fun new flavors like our peppermint bark!

Our classic candies are favorites among customers all over the world. Whether they're looking for a nostalgic treat or something fresh and new, we have the perfect flavor for them. Our collections include classics like milk chocolate with nuts, peppermint with mints, and root beer with vanilla wafers.

We also offer unique flavors not found at other stores. Our pumpkin spice collection includes everything from chocolates to lollipops to cake pops, and our summertime lineup features delicious treats like peach cobbler flavored hard candies and strawberry shortcake bars.

Our assortment of candy doesn't end there – we also sell ice cream novelties, including cones, cups, and sundaes; gum; jello; sour belts; taffy; and more! We know that everyone has their own favorite flavor so we've got something for everyone. Come see us at one of our locations near you and enjoy some sweet happiness!

Where does See's Candy Manufacture its Candy?

See's Candies is a candy company that manufactures its candy in Castleton, Indiana. The company was founded by George W. See in 1902, and has since become one of the leading American candy brands.

See's Candies is known for its classic pieces of candy, like dark chocolate bars and pecan pie bars. The company also makes seasonal candy, like pumpkin spice lattes and eggnog doughnuts during the holiday season.

In addition to its classic products, See's Candies also makes unique flavors that are not typically found on store shelves. For example, the company makes peppermint bark with real peppermint extract and root beer flavored jellybeans.

See's Candies is a proud American brand that delivers joy, one piece at a time.


The Brand Ambassadors

See's Candies is a proud American brand that delivers joy, one piece at a time. Founded in 1912 by George Washington See, the company quickly became known for its signature square pieces of candy - now known as "Pieces of Joy."

Today, See's Candies remains family-owned and operated, with production taking place in the company's hometown of Springfield, Missouri. The company's mission statement reads: "To bring joy to people everywhere through quality products and world-class customer service."

See’s continues to innovate with new flavors and designs for its Pieces of Joy, as well as special holiday editions. The company also supports charitable organizations through donations and product sales. In 2015 alone, See’s donated $155,000 to charity.

Whether it’s delivering fresh fruit baskets during wintertime or themed birthday parties filled with Pieces of Joy, See’s Candies is always there to make people happy. And who can resist a little piece of candy (or three)?


See's Candies is a brand that has been delivering joy to Americans for over 100 years. Whether it's their iconic pieces of candy like the Pieces of Eight, Whoppers, and Twizzlers, or the playful packaging that reflects See's culture and heritage, See's Candies always puts its customers first. With an ever-changing lineup of flavors and intriguing story behind each piece of candy, there is something for everyone at See's Candies. Thank you for reading our conclusion paragraph on See's Candies! We hope you enjoyed learning about this American brand and the amazing things they do to make people happy.